Does the thought of selling your Personal Development Program intimidate you?

  Soulful Sales Training Designed Especially for Spiritual Coaches, Soulful Entrepreneurs and Heart-Centered Healers!

Once you learn the 7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Sales you will be able to turn 9 out of 10 Hot Leads into Cool Clients and Classy Cash!!


there will be...

   No more wishing you could get your leads to hire you or buy your programs

   No more hearing "I'll think about it" or "Let me ask my spouse"

   No more losing sales because they don't see the value in investing in themselves by hiring you

   No more feeling embarrassed of asking what you're worth

   No more wasting energy stressing out about selling

   No more awkward sales conversations

   No more wondering how you're going to sell your program

   No more being disappointed because yo don't know how to sell

 "Ghandolff the Biz Wiz knows what hes talking about... and it feels comfortable like you're talking to your best friend or brother but in a professional matter.... in a world where everyone strives to be heard but no one is doing the listening - you're gonna find that you're heard here."

Samantha Buller-Kormos


It Takes a Real Conversation to Get Clients to Pay You What You're Worth.

You deserve a raise, but contrary to popular opinion, neither a high-tech website or a fancy sales funnel will sell a program for any more than $97.

The truth of the matter is that for any product or program priced over $100, the customer is going to want to have a personal conversation and ask a few questions in order to gain confidence in the provider, before they reach for their credit card and  decide to buy.

If you don't like to sell because you think it's sleazy, or you don't like hearing no, remember this...


"As a coach, it's your duty to inspire  your leads to take action to make a change in their life by hiring you, and if you don't,you are only contributing to the perpetuation of their suffering."


Simply put you can't expect your website to sell a high-priced product for you!

No matter how perfect your sales copy is, your website simply doesn't know how to be dynamic, establish trust and rapport and naturally answer people's questions.

  This simple course will show you how to... 


Sales is a valuable life skill that keeps you off the working-class treadmill...

And the vital life-skill of knowing how to properly navigate your sales conversations will serve you and provide you with abundance and prosperity, for the rest of your life.

At the ENTERPRISE ACADEMY, we believe that Business = Sales

No Sales = Stress and No Business

No Business = Stress and No Money

No Money = Stress and No Fun

There's really no point in prolonging your agony or anybody else's, is there?

Think about it...

If you can't smoothly navigate your sales conversations, you won't be able to inspire others to make a change in their lives and you won't get paid for your talents or your program.

There's no way around it. In order to have a successful business, you need to know how to properly navigate your sales conversations so you leads will be inspired to hire you. 

Besides, If you're not having fun selling and making money, you don't really have a business, you have a stressful hobby.

savvy: săv′ē : experienced, knowledgeable, and well-informed

What you need to seamlessly sell your coaching with effortless enrollments are the...

Sales Should Feel Naturaland   Authentic!

Using these 7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Selling in your discovery calls will streamline your enrollment process, 5x - 10x Your Sales,  when you complete this short and simple online training, you will be able to...

    Sell naturally

   Feel authentic

   Experience confidence

   Enjoy deep connections

    Change more people's lives

    Realize your true value

   Raise your prices

     Close Clients with confidence


You too can effortlessly attract and inspire your ideal candidates


Sell Like a Superstar in 7 Days or Less,

  Because these

7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Sales!

 will show you how to

seamlessly turn 9 out of 10  Hot Leads into Cool Clients and Classy Cash!


You Owe it to Yourself to...

Get paid what you're really worth for improving people's lives

Make a real difference in the world

Become the successful leader you've always dreamed of being

Make plenty of money from home or anywhere in the world you want to work

Be able to afford the lifestyle of your dreams

  Share your new prosperity and abundance with the ones you love

Sales is a Life-Skill that will Serve You  Every Day for the Rest of Your Life...

Once you learn the 7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Sales, you will always be able to get paid what you're worth.

And once you have the hang of it, you can train new people to sell your program with the same confidence and enthusiasm that you have...

which will enable you to  grow your business into a world-changing movement!!!

It does not take 10-12 weeks and a high-tech website to sell your program!

Your time is very valuable  and you don't need an extensive training program with a bunch of fluff that takes a long time to complete.

You need to be selling your product already, so you need a short and sweet course that gets right to the point and gets you selling, right out of the gate!

So, with this short hybrid course, You too can Sell like a Superstar in 7 days or Less using the

  7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Sales!!

In fact...

If you jump right in and do it quick, you can actually start making money within a couple of hours!

With less than 2 hours of video training and a few short exercises, you will become a High-Ticket Sales Superstar, practically overnight!!!

Get it done in  7 short videos & a  few practice exercises.

Effortlessly inspiring your perfect candidates to hire you is as easy as...

7 videos that average 10 minutes.

  A few questions per video is all you need.


Use your script in a consultation and close the deal. 

Get Paid What You're Worth,

Over and Over Again!!!

The 7 Soulful Secrets and your Custom Sales Script, will  empower YOU with a life-skill that will enable you to effortlessly inspire your perfect candidates to enroll in your program for Your Price, which means you can finally
be your own boss
and afford to live the lifestyle of your choice!

Make  more money, sooner  and be

"In the Know" like a pro, with the


Many decades and billions worth of research by the biggest companies in the world have gone into the discovery and implementation of conversational sales

But nowhere else in the world can you find  these 7 Secrets and an  AI-Driven Sales Script Generator, together in one affordable training program!

It Auto-Generates your personalized sales script!!!

Take a look at how using the 7 Soulful Secrets of Spiritual Selling has dramatically changed Veronica's life:

it is amazing! It is so easy...

it was so easy!!! And the interesting thing is I was not really thinking about enrolling them, but it happened so natural. 

"I'm impressed...I'm amazed! It was very very fresh in my mind, the process. It was super easy to go with the flow... and now I have 14 more clients in my high end program!!!"

- ENROLLMENT MASTERY Alumni: Veronica IgleciΓ s 

Aztec Priestess Trainer for Latinas who want to reconnect with their Azteca roots

She made enough the first time around, to take a  year-long vacation in Mexico and the second time around to  buy land to make her dream of building a healing retreat center come true!!! 



But what if you don't know who your perfect candidate is?

That is no excuse, because we're going to show you how to dial in and attract your perfect kind of customers, with Bonus #1: Our Ideal Client Video Training + Avatar Attributes Worksheet

And what if you need some help getting your sales game on?

Alright... we know that it's no fun doing everything all alone, and that everyone needs a little help from their friends, so we're going to help you out personally, with Bonus #2: A 40-minute Script-Assistance Coaching Session with one of our Expert Sales Coaches!!!

And w hat if you don't know how to get your perfect candidate's attention?

The other big set of secrets is how to get their attention and get them into the sales conversation, but we've got you covered with the Top 12 Campaign Strategies of all time, in Bonus #3: The Ultimate Campaign Secrets Playbook + Campaign Secrets Walk-Through video

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Seriously now, we know how it goes out there... but this is the real game-changer you've been praying for because Knowing these 7 Soulful Sales Secrets is what's going to give you the confidence to   get your leads to hire you for what you're worth!

Don't suffer another day...

Don't make any more excuses, unless...

You make an excuse to Sell Like a Superstar with these 7 Soulful Sales Secrets!

Give yourself permission to make the one excuse that will catapult you forward into your dreams and get your credit card out, so you can get to sell the daylights out of your Personal Development program and get on with life already!!!

Take advantage of this quick training and learn how to close 9 out of 10 ideal clients with ENTERPRISE ACADEMY'S Enrollment Mastery Online High-Ticket Sales Course >>


When you get on your complimentary clarity call, you will see how the 7 Soulful Sales Secrets really do work, and when you complete the program and make more than your money back, you will be 100% satisfied with the results!!!

So your business can boldly go
where no business has gone before!

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